Cloud Services

Cloud Services

We are rapidly growing managed cloud service provider in India delivering a comprehensive range of cloud-based IT solutions to customers. Our managed cloud services are coupled with superior technology and support to make your hosting experience worthwhile.

Optimize your cloud consumption, on-premises infrastructure, cloud infrastructure or applications to drive innovation, productivity and efficiency. We offer a simplified cloud migration approach to transform your organization. We take a customer-centric approach and applications to ensure migration takes place smoothly and systematically.

A successful cloud computing business is essential to adopt digital transformation

Cloud computing has led to immense business growth because it makes applications and data accessible through the internet and cuts down costs. Businesses can pay for cloud services such as servers, storage, hardware, and software and save the money they would have used to buy cloud computing systems.

Cloud computing is a broad term that entails the provision of servers, networks, analytics, software databases, and intelligence to businesses over the internet. Here are the main cloud computing services:

  • Platform As a Service (PAAS): the provider offers the customer hardware, operating system, software, servers, network capacity, and cloud storage.
  • Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS): the service provider stores, manages and supports the customer’s cloud technology system.
  • Software As a Service(SAAS): the service provider offers cloud software to clients at a fee.